How to Detox for a Drug Test On the Cheap

How to Detox for a Drug Test On the Cheap

Nov 12, 2012

You probably found this page because you want to detox for a drug test. Thankfully for you, there are a lot of great methods for you to do so! You may have been to the local headshop or tobacco store where they sell detox drinks that are supposed to help with THC detox and other sorts. Well to be honest with you…those detox drinks really help you detox for a drug test.

That’s right, those detox drinks really are the best way you can detox for a drug test. And I’m going to tell you why. But first, let me tell you about the best place to find detox drinks for the lowest prices around.


How to Detox for Drug Test For Less than $30

Most detox drinks you see online or in stores cost about $40, right? Well thankfully I found this awesome online store that sells great drinks for less than $10 a pop. It’s called TestClear and it’s a store dedicated to helping people detox for their drug test. They offer this great detox drink for only $20! And if you’re in a hurry, you can order 1-day RUSH for cheaper than any other place will offer. If you’re not in such a hurry, you can go with 2-day or just regular shipping.

If you’re serious about detoxing for your drug test, you really can’t afford to miss this site. Click the image below to visit their site and check it out:



Do You Need Detox Drinks to Detox for Drug Test?

Many often wonder, “Do I actually need a detox drink to detox for my drug test?” And the answer is, unfortunately, YES. You absolutely do need it unless you’re a closeted chemical engineer. These detox drinks are perfectly formulated to help you pass your drug test. This is because they accomplish three different things that need to be accomplished in order to pass a drug test. Those three things are:


1. They Help you Detox for your Drug Test (Obviously)

This is the most important and most obvious one. These drinks help to cleanse your body of all the toxins (including the chemicals you are trying most to hide) and they really detox your system. I’m not blowing smoke up your ass, you need to detox as fast as possible and these drinks are the best way of doing that. Of course, you could also order detox DIET drinks like for people who want to lose weight, but those are even more expensive and don’t do the other two things that real detox drinks do. Like…


2. Dilute Your Urine The Right Way

If you’ve ever been to a drug testing facility, you may have seen people getting told to come back later when their pee was not diluted. This may have even happened to you. What happens is basically people chug a shit ton of water or coffee or pop before their drug test and their pee is obviously diluted because it’s extremely clear. Plus, when the attendant measures it they’re going to see that it doesn’t have enough creatine in it because it’s so diluted.

Detox drinks automatically fix that problem. They DO dilute your urine, but they cover it up extremely well. When you drink a detox drink, you’ll see that your pee remains the right color of yellow. But it will actually be diluted. And the detox drink contains creatine, which also makes certain that your urine passes the employee screening. When it’s diluted, the drug levels are much harder to catch. Diluting really is the ultimate way to naturally pass a drug test, but only if you do it right with certain detox drinks (like the ones on You Can Pass the Test).


3. Masking The Contents of Your Urine

The final thing that detox drinks do to help you detox for a drug test is mask the illegal contents of your urine. They have certain chemicals in them that cause the drug testing machines or testing strip to go a little bit zany and not recognize the drugs in your system. This is important if you’ve only got a little bit of time before your test and need to find a way to pass quickly.


So basically this is why detox drinks are everywhere you look. Because they actually work. Would detox drinks still be sold at tobacco shops, headshops and all over the Internet if they didn’t actually work for people? Check out TestClear and use their detox drinks to seriously pass your drug test easily and without worry.


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