Fake Urine – How to Use Synthetic Urine to Pass a Drug Test

Fake Urine – How to Use Synthetic Urine to Pass a Drug Test

Oct 30, 2012

An Overview of Clear Fake Urine

fake urine

People often enquire what is fake urine or clear urine or synthetic urine? Fake urine is chemical solution which has the same components and minerals which are present in natural human urine. This lab tested clear urine has the same color like original urine. This synthetic liquid is used to test the urine culture applicators, tubes and equipments. Synthetic urine is not harmful as it is prepared by experts. Unlike original human urine, this synthetic liquid is medicated and you can play with colored synthetic urine.


Purposes of Using Synthetic Fake Urine

To conduct different lab tests, urine is required. Earlier researchers collected original urine from patients who refilled the glass tubes with urine for storage. Sample urine was sent to lab for doing experiments. Even urine is also used to prepare life saving medications. However, before fermentation and usage, doctors had to culture, filter and detoxify urine for further utility. Now, after the introduction of synthetic urine, it has become a simple task to use synthetic urine for various reasons.

Synthetic urine has pH and carotene in perfect balance. This harmless urine is poured into glass tubes for experiments. Experts test the temperature of clear urine to know about its sustainability at different atmospheric levels. Yellow colored fake urine is transparent. This medicated chemical solution is applied at the labs. The benefits of opting for fake urine include the availability of sufficient amount of urine on demand, the cost effective urine culture and less harmful effect. So, doctors and researchers give priority to the use of clear urine to enhance experiments, trials and clinical tests.


Synthetic Urine for Fetish Dream

However, fake urine is also popular in the fetish world. Those who have a massive erotic desire can collect bottles of clear urine for playing with their sweethearts. This crystal clear and colorful urine has the least side effects. You can drink this fake urine in excitement. To heat up your partner, you can sprinkle hot clear urine on her body to arouse her libido. Many hot guys prefer perfumed fake urine to make the romantic night much more glamorous. Natural urine may have germs and virus.

So drinking natural urine can be fatal to you. If you drink infected urine of your partner, you will have to wait for bad turnout. It makes you feeble if the excessive amount of natural urine is consumed. Doctors prohibit the intake of natural urine without consulting health care experts. Though, in Ayurveda urine has been taken as an elixir or health drink to purify body and mind, restrictions are being applied by modern physicians to consume natural urine regularly for health benefits. However, scientists have done fruitful experiments to invent synthetic urine which has same color, density, transparency and odor as you find them in natural human urine. Therefore, medicated synthetic urine is useful comparatively


Cheap Fake Urine

Online shops sell fake  urine strips at discounts. You can buy high quality and of course eco-friendly synthetic urine bottles from online dealers. From better conception, kindly go through articles, reviews and medical journals which have analyzed about the varieties of synthetic urine. Your kids can also be given hygienic fake urine for fun. At home, childish sexual fantasies can be fulfilled by offering them bottles of colored synthetic urine to spray liquid in the air.

Finally, prior to purchasing synthetic urine, you will have to check the date of expiration and usage of chemical components. You should read the feedbacks of customers who have already used synthetic urine on various occasions. Finally you must have good ideas about what is fake urine and how far it is beneficial to mankind.

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