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Review Verdict: BAD, Do NOT BUY

Alright so Quick Fix is the brand of synthetic urine that everybody has heard of. They’re world-famous and well-known among people who have to pass drug tests. But the thing is, this stuff didn’t even work for me. My test gets sent to the lab, they don’t just use an at-home drug test like some places do. And the lab can tell by how the water is mixed with the urine powder that this is completely synthetic urine. If you’re trying to pass a urine drug test, you’re going to want to watch out for Quick Fix. It MIGHT work, if you get lucky, but it’s expensive and it totally screwed me over the one time I used it.

I was able to retake my test, but the fact that it showed up as fake urine to the lab just turned me off to this product forever. They use an outdated style of synthetic urine that just doesn’t work in today’s high-technology drug testing the world.

The courts and the employers are advancing in terms of what and how they can detect drugs in our systems, we have to advance along with them. And when it comes to synthetic urine reviews, there’s just not a lot out there. Which is why I wrote this up and created it for you. So heed my warning and read my full synthetic urine reviews…DON’T BUY THIS BRAND! Go with, they use real human urine and won’t let you down.


Instead, Go With TestClear Human Synthetic Urine!

What Comes in Package:

  • 1 Vial of Powdered Human Urine
  • 1 Pack of Handwarmers
  • 1 Temperature Gauge


Review Verdict: Real human urine, works every time

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But there is one brand out there that produces REAL HUMAN URINE. They dry out clean human urine to produce the powder that they sell, and then they sell their synthetic urine in a special kit full of everything you need to pass the test. They’re called TestClear and they are truly the ultimate resource for synthetic urine. Mostly because it’s not synthetic at all,

If you’re really trying to pass a drug test using the substitution method, you cannot go wrong with I’ve literally used this brand over and over again to pass my probation drug tests and it honestly works best of them all. It’s about $5 to $10 more expensive than the Quick Fix synthetic urine, but when you consider the fact that it’s going to save your life, your privacy, and your freedom, it’s truly worth the extra 5 bucks.


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