About Us

Paternity Testing

S.A.M.O., LLC’s clients include families interested in confirming paternity or identifying biological grandparents and siblings. Regardless of the request, you can depend on convenient, professional service from S.A.M.O., LLC. All testing is completed at a discrete, convenient location of YOUR choosing. All results are confidential and legally sound. Confidential results are available by your preferred method of receipt within 2 business days. The DNA collection procedure is a non-invasive, painless mouth swab technique, a thumbprint and a photograph of each donor.

What Laboratory?

S.A.M.O., LLC uses Genetica® DNA Laboratories, Inc. They are among the world’s first commercial providers of DNA testing services. They are one of the largest providers of DNA paternity tests, DNA family relationship tests, and DNA identity tests to the general public as well as to healthcare, legal professionals and embassies throughout the United States and worldwide. The GENETICA DNA Testâ„¢ brand has been associated with the most extensive DNA testing, exceptional quality, and reliability for nearly two decades. However, if you have a preferred laboratory, S.A.M.O., LLC will still complete the collection process for you at no additional charge.